Popular shells to date

While some of these resemble each other closely, there are often subtle difference. All of ksh93, mksh and bash are supersets of the POSIX shell, which in turn is a superset of the original Bourne Shell. By default all of ksh93, mksh and bash support mutually incompatible extensions in syntax and behaviour, but they also share some extensions (beyond what POSIX offers). The Z Shell and rc are, by default, not compatible to the POSIX shell family. Questions about the shell and code samples should be clear about the environment and the version of the shell.

Some view the DOS 'cmd' prompt as a minimal shell of sorts. It is also possible to install Cygwin on Windows and emulate a full Unix environment with complete shell capabilities.

In graphical user mode, terminal emulators are used to access shell. Some of the examples are xterm, GNOME Terminal, OS X Terminal.

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