A signal is an information-carrying wave, but in the digital sense, a 'signal' refers to either received or transmitted streams/blocks of data, commonly representing real-world quantities such as audio levels, luminosity, pressure etc over time or distance. These real-world quantities usually comes as analogue signals that are being sample and quantized into a digital format.

'Processing' is the act of altering, analyzing or characterizing the data to retrieve/modify information inherent in the signal in question.

Common topics include:

  • digital filtering;
  • audio processing;
  • image processing;
  • sampling;
  • data compression;
  • spectral analysis;

Analysis tools commonly in practice are the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), especially its fast implementations (FFT); and wavelet transforms.

Common softwares used in the field include ; ; , especially with NumPy/SciPy; ///; ; and various assembly languages.

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