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Sometimes the problem isn't in the renderer, but rather in the fact your time step in your simulation is causing problems and making it look like your frame rate is off. I noticed similar problems in a program of mine using OpenGL and Box2D and fixing my timestep helped smooth things out significantly. Really good article here.


Collision detection in Slick2d is actually a lot more difficult than people first think. First off the standard method for referring to X and Y points in a rectangle is as follows: X1 is the smallest X value contained within the rectangle and X2 is the greatest. The same goes for Y (remember the smallest Y value is at the top of the rectangle). Your code ...


This may not help whatsoever; however, the following code usually gives a narrower scope for error: itemOnCursor.getImg().draw(gc.getInput().getAbsoluteMouseX(), Game.screeny - gc.getInput().getAbsoluteMouseY()); With gc being your GameContainer. Hope this helps :)


The GameContainer contains the GL context. Starting the GameContainer initialises the GL context; however, the GL context is dependant on the container otherwise the draw thread is not executed. Therefore, in short, what you are trying to do, as far as my knowledge goes, is impossible. Hope this helps :)

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