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One easy way to see where a Mouse Point is to use a Rectangle object and its contains(Point p) method. For instance: // constant section of your program private static final STATE_RECTANGLE = new Rectangle(210, 150, 200, 64); private static final QUIT_RECTANGLE = new Rectangle(210, 350, 200, 64); // elsewhere public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e){ ...


Your inequality operators are wrong. (mx < x && mx < x + width)&&(my < y && my < y + height) Should be: (x < mx && mx < x + width)&&(y < my && my < y + height) Before, you were just checking if the mouse's x and y position were lower than any point on the rectangle.


Without seeing the stack trace, I'm going to guess that the problem occurs on this line: Image img = sprites.get("Tiles").getSubImage(x, y); This is because you're only assigning a value to sprites if you call the constructor, so you would get a NullPointerException if you call this static method before you happen to have called the constructor. You can ...


The slick-util library is part of slick2d, which is now deprecated and no longer compatible with recent LWJGL versions such as the one which you appear to be using. This is why you are getting this error.


Nevermind, i found out. I need to re-initialize the state using the init method. Here's the code: public void update(GameContainer container, StateBasedGame sbg, int delta) throws SlickException { Input input = container.getInput(); if(input.isKeyPressed( Input.KEY_SPACE )) { sbg.getState( ...

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