Slick2D is a wrapper around the LWJGL OpenGL library for Java.

Slick2D is a simple, Java-based 2D game development library. You can read more about it on the Slick2D homepage.

The goal of Slick2D is to provide Java game developers with a library that handles gaming sub-systems, so the developer can focus on building their games. Library features include:

  • Hardware-accelerated graphics via a OpenGL
  • Complex audio rendering via OpenAL
  • Input handling for keyboards, mice, and gamepads/controllers
  • Several 2D game primitives, such as sprites, images, 2D tile maps
  • Geometry helper classes that facilitates collision detection
  • Path finding helper classes for path planning and route calculations

Slick2D is multi-platform, with desktop support for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. At the time of this writing, an Android Edition (SlickAE for Android development) has been discussed, but not released.

Note: The other slick tag is related to a Scala data access library, which is unrelated to this tag.

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