The SLRequest object encapsulates the properties of an HTTP request, providing a convenient template for you to make requests. You send a request to a social networking service to perform some operation on behalf of the user or to retrieve user information.

HTTP requests have these common components: an HTTP request method (GET, POST, or DELETE), a URL identifying the operation to perform, a set of query parameters, and an optional multipart POST body containing additional data. The values for these properties depend on the request you are sending and the target service provider. Refer to each supported social networking site’s documentation for possible values. Links to documentation are provided in Table 1.

Use the requestForServiceType:requestMethod:URL:parameters: method to initialize a newly created SLRequest object passing the required property values. Use the addMultipartData:withName:type: to optionally specify a multipart POST body. After you create your request, use the performRequestWithHandler: method to send the request, specifying the handler to call when the request is done.

If you already have a sending mechanism, you can use the preparedURLRequest method to create the request that you send using an NSURLConnection object. If the request requires user authorization, set the account property to an ACAccount object.

Table 1 Social Services Individual Documentation Sites

Facebook    | https://developers.facebook.com/docs/  
Sina Weibo  | http://open.weibo.com/wiki/  
Twitter     | https://dev.twitter.com/docs  

Official page for more info

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