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You are asking about a general software engineering principle called "DRY" - Do not Repeat Yourself. The problem arises from the duplication of code. The best specific solution will depend somewhat on what scripting language you are using and what environment it is running in. But the general approach will be to find ways to share code between these ...


Resources are used to distinguish different sessions of the same account, in particular on different devices. It would be very unhelpful if half of your file goes to a different device if that device signs on in the middle of a file transfer. So to answer your questions: So your client can distinguish between different sessions of the user's contacts and ...


If you write for example Objective-C code using naming that doesn't conform to Objective-C coding standards, then people will find your Objective-C code unacceptable. And they won't care that the same naming in Java or C++ or C# code would have been perfectly fine. The opposite will be true as well, obviously.


One more approach is to create an "agument object" - this will be a POJO that is meant to hold all the required information to all methods, and pass only it. Each implementing method will recieve this object, and query the needed field in order to produce the relevant result.


The requirements will change during the project, but not during an iteration. So in the Scrum world, you have your user stories included in the active sprint. They include acceptance criteria that are useful for making the requirements more precise. You'll be using the acceptance criteria, plus your definition of done, for testing. In the Scrum world, the ...


The work that scrum teams perform is naturally very visible: Scrum teams produce quite a lot of documentation for the product backlog items that they complete. They can take the form of index cards, a list of acceptance criteria, drawings, etc. The work that the scrum team complete is shown at every sprint review. Normally, a scrum team won't document a ...


It depends a lot on your user experience design. Facebook messenger does not allow interaction without connection. Whatsapp let you text and will send the message when it gets online. You can either way, but it all depends on your application design and user experience.

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