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The way I understand it is, that tightly coupled architecture does not provide a lot of flexibility for change when compared to loosely coupled architecture. But in case of loosely coupled architectures, message formats or operating platforms or revamping the business logic does not impact the other end. If the system is taken down for a revamp, of course ...


An actor is somebody or something that interacts with a system. In the elevator example, you are the actor, the use case is operating the elevator and the button is just part of the system. Note that this image is only a simplified version of what you could use if you think it is necessary to go into more detail.


Software Interfaces talk about dependencies on other software through API System interfaces means the hardware interface as well, I mean hardware dependencies as well on top of software. User interfaces is the interactions (screens in Graphical User Interface or command prompts for input/output in Character User Interface)


I need to add additional statement that as.delete() should be called only if something particular happens. Also didn't want to make if not to make code more difficult. The simpler is code - the better. I guess I don't agree that if makes the code too difficult and would go for the following approach: private void someMethod(ObjectX obj){ //some ...

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