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Mostly not. Wartremover addresses a few of the "which of these lines doesn't compile" trivia questions, by making any code that follows particular bad forms an error. But that was (IMO) never the interesting part of that critique. Implicit macros (in 2.11) and Shapeless 2.0 address the issue with extending a collection; Miles' 1-line-of-boilerplate-per-type ...


This will not always work as you expect. Imagine the following case. User installs very old version of legend. User install your package with a newer bundles version of legend Now, in your code, you do from bundled.legend import X BUT, in legend.x is says from legend import Y It could import Y from the old version of legend the user installed. ...


It's a quite broad question. Without any technology it can be hard. It would be nice to know which programming languages are supported. If you know this, you could already start. Make all O.S. calls in a separate library so you can later connect them to the known O.S. However, I suggest you first make a design document, or even better, an architecture ...


An active class is one where an instance of the class starts its behaviour as soon as it is created. This behaviour is typically specified using activities or state machine. The behaviour terminates when the instance is destroyed. A passive class has behaviour that is defined by its operations. This behaviour only starts when one of the operation is called ...


There is a tree tool that you can install and use http://superuser.com/questions/258287/how-can-i-export-a-directory-structure


Googling "uml expert pattern" has this complete answer in Google Books.

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