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When you say "large", I'm assuming you are talking at least a million lines of code. Assuming that is correct, you should really look at a SOA architecture to separate your "modules". Depending on the language you are using, there are lots of nice RESTful architectures that are ideal for exposing database layer services. Don't do code-level dependency, or ...


As you realized, the Abstract Factory pattern is overkill for your use case as you do not need polymorphism. Still, the Concrete Factory part of this design pattern make sense. So this could look a bit like: Datasource ds1 = ...; Datasource ds2 = ...; MyObject objectA = ...; DatasourceBasedFactory factory1 = new DatasourceBasedFactory(ds1); ...


I'm not sure, but perhaps the Builder Pattern? You can give it a type to specify what to build.


I would suggest to run a mapreduce job, with a full table scan and setTimerange, if want to split it by timestamp, and store the output as, for example an Avro files. Then you will be able to place those files on separate partitions. This can also help. Best of luck.

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