Sonatype was founded in 2007 as the "Maven Company" by Jason van Zyl, the founder of the Apache Maven project, to further improve and support the Maven ecosystem and development tooling in the Java and JVM space. Sonatype manages the largest repository of Java artifacts, the Central Repository and provides it to the community for free. It was previously known as Maven Central or just Central and is the default repository for downloading dependencies for Apache Maven, SBT and others and supported by all other JVM based build systems as well.

Sonatype started the project for Maven support in the Eclipse IDE (m2e) as well as OSGi support in Maven (Tycho) and donated it to the Eclipse Foundation and has been involved in many other efforts around Apache Maven.

Sonatype offers an open source and commercial version of the most widely used repository managers - Sonatype Nexus. Sonatype maintains large databases about popularity and age as well as security and license issues and characteristics of all the components in the Central Repository and offers tools to integrate all this information into the software development lifecycle in a manner equivalent to supply chain management in manufacturing. This is called Component Lifecycle Management and the product suite Sonatype CLM is a pioneer and market leader in this field.

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