SoundManager 2 is an open source audio API. It uses HTML5 and/or Flash to play audio using JavaScript.

SoundManager 2 wraps and extends both the and HTML Audio Sound , providing a single, unified sound API to ; the API is the same, whether or Flash is ultimately used to play sound.

Prerequisites (client)

  • HTML5 Audio() support and/or Flash plugin, version 8 or higher
  • Supported web browser

Supported Web Browsers/Platforms

JavaScript-to-Flash communication is possible through Flash 8's ExternalInterface feature, which uses a standard browser plugin architecture implemented by each browser manufacturer (see NPAPI.) As a result, the following browsers should be supported and tested:

  • Firefox (all versions), Windows/Mac
  • Safari 1.3+ (Mac) / All Windows versions
  • Mobile Webkit: iOS 4.0 devices, or iPad 3.2+
  • Google Chrome (all versions/OSes)
  • Internet Explorer 5.0+, Windows
  • Opera 9.10 (slightly buggy, 9.5+ ideal), Windows/Mac
  • Netscape 8.0+, Windows/Mac
  • Firefox 1.5+, Linux (Flash 9 beta)

List of some similar apps

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