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This has nothing to do with Knockout JS. Your issue is with display: inline-block. This should get you going: https://css-tricks.com/fighting-the-space-between-inline-block-elements/ In your case you could probably use a table layout: .color-scale { display: table; } .color-scale span { /* These spans still left 1px spaces. */ display:none; } ...


Using the repeat binding will work since it repeats a single element without inserting spaces between them: <div class="color-scale"> <div class="color-scale-item horizontal" data-bind="repeat: colors" data-repeat-bind="style: {backgroundColor: $item()}"></div> </div> http://jsfiddle.net/mbest/uqvb2fou/4/


You can use # You can change 20 by whatever you want str = "centered" print str.center(20, ' ') >> centered #Than to make spaces: print "it"+(" "*20)+"works" >> it works


To convert tabs to spaces use the commands below in the order below: :set noexpandtab :retab! :set expandtab :retab! I go this answer from watching this vim cast. Tidying Whitespace Vim can already detect the file type yaml so you can use that to replace all TAB's in your YAML file add this your .vimrc :autocmd FileType yaml execute ':silent! ...

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