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This is not a good practices but you can use this Create Templates in eclipse Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Templates -> New... Name : 1 Pattern :${cursor}<give one space> - Name :2 Pattern :${cursor}<give two space> . . . Name : 26 Pattern :${cursor}<give 26 space>


Instead of using namefind = businessname.next(); Use namefind = businessname.nextLine(); So that it takes space into account as well.


If you use a scanner, its basic next method will give you the next token, i.e., something delimited by white space. Use nextLine to get a complete line containing user input, trim leading and trailing spaces and use this in the search. namefind = businessname.nextLine();


Does not entirely hit the mark, but you could use Sublime to edit while Eclipse runs. Please see top answer at http://superuser.com/questions/636699/how-to-go-to-column-by-its-number-in-sublime-text-3 A quick web search shows some Eclipse plugins. Have you tried http://jalopy.sourceforge.net/existing/indentation.html? (there's also a commercial version) If ...


As ridiculous as this requirement is, one Formatter preference setting can help you adhere to it. Open the Java Code Style > Formatter preferences (either workspace or project-level) and click Edit... to modify the active profile (or create a new one if you don't want this change to affect all code you write). In the Formatter dialog, select the ...

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