Sparse matrices are matrices with very few non-zero entries. For some cases, sparse matrices refer to matrices with few entries and the rest of the matrix remains undefined (e.g. NaN or NA). This has mathematical and computational implications.

The mathematical impact may be that the matrix is not invertible, which can impact a variety of algorithms. Data structures are usually affected, as representation of sparse matrices may be more compact than for a dense matrix. Finally, algorithms may be affected, as they may be optimized for application to just the non-zero entries, rather than perform calculations over all entries.

Each of these areas -- math, data structures, and algorithms -- affects the developers, researchers, and users involved in working with sparse matrices.

One software that shows such support of sparse matrices is .
It has a compact representation of sparse matrices, and the ability to utilize this property for efficient computations.
For more information see Matlab documentation on sparse matrices.

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