Spotify is a streaming music service for multiple platforms. This tag covers Spotify's various developer libraries and external APIs, including Web API, iOS SDK and Android SDK.

The Spotify Platform allows developers to integrate Spotify in their applications using Spotify's Web API, iOS SDK and Android SDK. Read more about these and other tools at the Developer site.

What Questions should I ask?

Questions using this tag should be about how to use one of these platforms. You may find that in some cases, a question that arises whilst developing for these platforms is not Spotify specific; e.g. a common JavaScript question whilst creating a Spotify Web API Application, or an Android question whilst using the Android SDK. In these cases, you should tag your question with the or tag instead.



The Web API provides developers with an interface to query Spotify's extensive music catalogue through a REST interface, using OAuth 2.0 for authentication.

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The Spotify iOS SDK makes it easy to add audio streaming, playlist manipulation, metadata lookup and other Spotify features to iOS apps.

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Android SDK

Similarly to the iOS SDK, the Spotify Android SDK enables developers to do things like music playback, playlist manipulation, and metadata lookup.

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This C library allows third-party developers to write applications that utilize the Spotify music streaming service. Please note that this library is considered deprecated.

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