Pivotal GemFire is a real-time, in-memory distributed data management platform providing data-intensive applications built for a cloud architecture with enterprise-class features, such as redundancy and high-availability with linear scale-out.

To learn more about Pivotal GemFire, see here.

Spring Data GemFire focuses on integrating Spring Framework's powerful, non-invasive programming model and concepts with Pivotal GemFire to simplify the configuration and development of GemFire-based applications as well as to provide high-level abstractions for many of GemFire's core components.

To get up-to-date information on Spring Data GemFire, visit the project page, on spring.io or see the project's status in JIRA. You can also checkout the source on GitHub and even fork the project in order to submit Pull Requests (PR) if you have have an idea for a new feature or how to make it better. We encourage the community to get involved.

Finally, there is no better place to stay informed or to be involved than by following us in the Spring IO Blog. Every week, Josh Long publishes an fantastic article on "This Week in Spring" loaded with all things related to Spring.

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