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No, there's no difference. When an annotation attribute is named value, you can omit it (unless you also use other attributes). That is true for all annotations, not just RequestMapping. See the JLS for more details: A single-element annotation, is a shorthand designed for use with single-element annotation types (ยง9.6.1). SingleElementAnnotation: ...


As I commented you are making things too complex. Change your wrapper to the following (with the appropriate getters and setters). public class OnlyForImagesFileWrapper { @Extensions(imageFormats = {".jpg",".png",".gif",".bmp"}, videoFormats = {}) private MultipartFile file; private String name; ... } Then your controller method ...


Restful calls should always return response code. In your case it should be just 200 OK. On failure 401 Unauthorized. Having different tokens is absolutely fine, you cannot use the same anyway. I personally would prefer to handle login endpoints through Spring Security filters and not controllers as you can control the flow better.

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