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I don't have a real answer but I updated my CAS server from 4.0.3 to 4.1.0-RC1, and the transition was invoked... (I didn't change anything in my web flow config)


In short: A standard java collections ArrayList is initialized with a FIXED size and cannot be appended to with NEW entries/pojos. So if you want to bind/append new entries to a collection you need to use the import org.springframework.util.AutoPopulatingList; Instead of a standard java.collections.List See this answer I wrote on a similar question ...


Yes you can do this but you would have to EXPLICITLY predefine each transition/jump within that specific viewstate inside the flow xml file. For example: (assume we have the following view-states defined in our webflow file) <view-state id="viewStateA"> <transition on="gotoB" to="viewStateB"/> <transition on="gotoC" ...


Using the booking-mvc sample I could confirm all works as expected. I tried both ValidationMessages.properties with default LocalValidatorFactoryBean (i.e. no custom interpolator, just relying on Hibernate validator) as well as "/WEB-INF/messages.properties" with a custom ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator pointing to the ResourceBundleMessageSource. Several ...

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