Sprite Kit provides a graphics rendering and animation infrastructure that you can use to animate arbitrary textured images, or sprites. Sprite Kit uses a traditional rendering loop where the contents of each frame are processed before the frame is rendered.

Sprite Kit is available on iOS () and OS X (). It uses the graphics hardware available on the hosting device to composite 2D images at high frame rates. Sprite Kit supports many different kinds of content, including:

  • Untextured or textured rectangles (sprites)
  • Text
  • Arbitrary CGPath-based shapes
  • Video Sprite Kit also provides support for cropping and other special effects; you can apply these effects to all or a portion of your content. You can animate or change these elements in each frame. You can also attach physics bodies to these elements so that they properly support forces and collisions.

Because Sprite Kit supports a rich rendering infrastructure and handles all of the low-level work to submit drawing commands to OpenGL (), you can focus your efforts on solving higher-level design problems and creating great gameplay.


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