Used in the XNA Framework. Enables a group of sprites to be drawn using the same settings.

SpriteBatch is a commonly used object for drawing 2D bitmaps in XNA. It allows developers to draw a sprite in their XNA Application, with a variety of options. It is included in Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics

To start, you must initialize a SpriteBatch:

SpriteBatch batch1 = new SpriteBatch();

Now you can use batch1. To begin the SpriteBatch, call SpriteBatch.Begin() in your Draw method. Advanced users can add arguments as seen here.

Then you can draw a sprite with with the Draw(..) method.

SpriteBatch.Draw(Texture2D, Rectangle, Color);

That is the simplest of the SpriteBatch.Draw method, you can use other arguments such as Vector2 for position, and SpriteEffects. You can also draw text using SpriteFonts and the appropriate overload: SpriteBatch.DrawString (SpriteFont, String, Vector2, Color)

To end the SpriteBatch simply call SpriteBatch.End();

For more information, see the MSDN documentation for SpriteBatch.

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