Microsoft SQL Server Compact is a free SQL Server embedded database ideal for building standalone and occasionally connected applications for mobile devices, desktops, and Web clients. The latest version is 4.0, which has been enabled for web application usage.


  • Free to use and distribute

  • Supports desktops and mobile devices

  • Small footprint for easy deployment

  • Fully embeddable architecture

  • No administration required

  • Single file, code-free database format

  • Support for ClickOnce, XCopy, MSI, CAB, and non-admin embedded installation options

  • Supports all Microsoft Windows embedded, mobile, desktop, and server operating systems

  • Supports a rich subset of Transact-SQL syntax and SQL Server data types

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 integration

  • Supports ADO.NET, LINQ to Entities, and the ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • Supports multiple concurrent local connections

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