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Thanks to the detailed explanation by @owlman. Just some more info here: Upload request payload fragment: ------WebKitFormBoundarydZAwJIasnBbGaUqM Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file"; filename="xxx.txt" Content-Type: text/plain If "xxx.txt" has some UNICODE char in it using UTF-8 encoding, Resin(as of 4.0.40) can't decode it correctly, but Jetty(...


This may not apply exactly to what you want to do, but there is a really easy way to create and launch a server using the http-server npm package. Once installed (just npm install http-server -g) you can put http-server -o in your bash script and it will launch a server from the current directory and open a browser to that page.


No, it would not be correct (see

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