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You use the copy constructor, so you have 2 different objects, references are missing. You probably want Test& a = Test::get(); Test& b = Test::get();


a and b are assigned from the return value of Test::get, that mean they are copied, so they are independent variables. You may declare them as reference type, so change the code to: Test &a = Test::get(); Test &b = Test::get(); You'll get what you want.


"I thought that a and b should have the same address" As mentioned in the other answers, you're referring to copies of Test, and their addresses are different of course. To make it a singleton class (as it seems to be intended) you explicitly prohibit using the default and copy constructors, and copy assignment operators: class Test { public: static ...


You need to call the closure in order to retrieve it's return value: var_dump($param1()); You can start here to learn more about anonymous functions: http://php.net/manual/de/functions.anonymous.php


NSTimer utilizes the Objective-C runtime in order to dynamically invoke methods. When declare a struct, you are using the Swift runtime, therefore it is not possible for NSTimer to cooperate. Structures differ from classes, and you can read more about them here. Also, a static function is the equivalent of a class method in Objective-C, so if that was your ...

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