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You are trying to get an element from object, which doesn't exist. In such a XML element you have attributes and some values like in your case: countryCode, countryName, dstOffset, gmtOffset and etc. If you use var_dump() the result you can see the error message is in these attributes, which is an array. Here you are an example: var_dump() on a location ...


I would recommend AGAINST storing these messages either in the database or in the session, for one simple reason: tabs. (Well, really, the stateless nature of HTTP.) Think of a person who's got multiple tabs open of different sections of your website. This person performs some action and while that loads, switches to another tab and clicks on a link. If ...


If your status messages are local to your app-servers, does that imply that $c->session is using FastMmap or File as its Session::Store? The same issues must apply to anything in the session, presumably? Given that C::P::StatusMessage uses the session to manage its messages, you might have to change Session::Store to use a database-backed storage ...


I would stick with the session approach only perhaps adding support for this messaging system on the master page. You are on the right way as the all other approaches have a greater cost, of simplicity or performance. I suppose you have a master page which is the template for all other pages. If you don't have it's a good reason to have one, so you don't ...


try this, <?php $url = 'http://api.geonames.org/timezone?lat=' . $latitude . '&lng=' . $longitude . '&username=demo'; $xml = simplexml_load_file($url); foreach ($xml->geoname as $o_location){ printf( 'Name %s<br> lat is %s<br> lon is %s<br> geonameId is %s<br> countryCode is %s<br> ...


This is how I like to do it: function set_message($message_type, $message) { $_SESSION['messages'][$message_type][] = $message } function get_messages() { $messages_array = $_SESSION['messages']; unset($_SESSION['messages']); return $messages_array; } where $message_type can be "warning", "error", "success", etc. and depending on the type ...


Chris, how to set the music message programmatically?


There is no programmatic way of setting the Live Messenger status message that works with versions inclusive of Live Wave 3.


Probably the best way is to store it in the session. It's the simplest way and as John said, 'Don't over complicate things'.


You can install over your MSN MsgPlus that will give you an API to program over MSN. You can then create a script that calls your program or a program that calls MSN.


Of course, from any conversation windows, a simple "/psm new message" would update the message status field. But programmatically: You will find here a VB source file which sent a new message to the PSM (Personal Satus Message) of your Live Messenger windows. May be that would help. extract: Attribute VB_Name = "Form1" Attribute VB_GlobalNameSpace = ...

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