In the Microsoft .NET framework, strongly typed DataSets are classes that inherit from a DataSet, giving them a strongly typed nature based on an XSD structure you specify.

Thus, strongly typed DataSets provide the developer with faster development and fewer runtime errors, since mistakes such as improperly spelled column and field names can easily be caught at compile time.

Strongly typed DataSets require you to write XSD schemas. In fact, not every XSD schema qualifies to be a DataSet, so it may be argued that you need to know specifically what is allowed in an XML schema that controls what aspect of a DataSet. The good news, however, is that for a majority of your needs, Visual Studio makes it extremely easy to author strongly typed DataSets. So as you add a new DataTable, it creates and maintains an XSD schema underneath for you.

In the case of strongly typed DataSets, an XML schema provides a rich definition of the data types, relationships, keys, and constraints within the data it describes.


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