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The python you use is the default system python (you can check that wich which python which should display something like /usr/bin/python or wherever your system python is). This does not have access (by default) to libraries that are installed in a virtual environment. Instead you should use the python that is specific to the virtualenv. You can do that by ...


I change the way of configuration like this way: exec $PROJECT_DIR/.env/bin/gunicorn ${DJANGO_WSGI_MODULE}:application \ --env DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=${DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE} \ --name $NAME \ --workers $NUM_WORKERS \ --worker-class $WORKER_CLASS \ --user=$USER \ --group=$GROUP \ --log-level=$LOG_LEVEL \ --bind=$SERVER_NAME:$PORT exec to call gunicorn and ...


Try a simpler supervisor config, it's probably happening because of autostart - reloading supervisor settings will start all listed programs with autostart.

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