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Try this: float newThresh = detector->getDouble("threshold") + 3; detector->set("threshold", newThresh);


Generally, there is a relationship between the number of nodes and training/generalization error. The hidden layer serves the direct purpose to recognize patterns from your inputs. Too few nodes, and your net will underfit, i.e. it will not be able to recognize as many complicated patterns as you would like. Too many, and it will overfit, i.e. it will ...


It says here in this link the following: flann.add([descriptors]) http://answers.opencv.org/question/44592/flann-index-in-python-training-fails-with-segfault/ Hope it helps!


SURF is a "non-free" algorithm in OpenCV and therefore it is part of the opencv_contrib repository. You need to build OpenCV 3.0 with those extra modules from the contrib repository and then link to the xfeatures2d library.


If you are following that example, you may have then a variable in the workspace called boxPairs, that came out from matchFeatures(boxFeatures, sceneFeatures);. As the same itself says, that function is matching the points of the 2 images. boxPairs is a Npointsmatched x 2 index matrix. size(boxPairs,1) will give you the amount of matched points. If you ...

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