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I've tried the solution by Igor S. and it works. However, I also found that there are two node modules that claim they can fix this by installing them: co-mocha mocha-generators I tried the latter one and it worked too. Perhaps it's easier to install a package than write custom code, although the ideal solution would be for mocha to support this out of ...


You're not going to get 200 meter granularity or continuous tracking with significant location monitoring. Have you seen these notes in the docs: The significant-change location service delivers updates only when there has been a significant change in the device’s location, such as 500 meters or more. If GPS-level accuracy isn’t critical for ...


As ain already answered, you need to use SELECT * FROM <your procedure> for a selectable procedure (that is: it contains a SUSPEND). The Interbase 6 Embedded SQL Guide (see under InterBase 6.0 Manuals) says: There are two types of procedures that can be called from an application: Select procedures that an application can use in place of a ...


When you have suspend in stored procedure, it is called "selectable stored sprocedure", and as the name says you select from it, so: select * from LIST_PIPE


I would use Log4net to log whatever happens into a txt file and zip it. Tutorial:


the app can attempt to run background tasks, but it can't force itself to stay in existence - the OS will shut it down after a couple of minutes, regardless of local timer handlers or notifications. Your best bet is that as soon as the user has moved more than 10 metres, the server starts sending push notifications. You can have a handler which can wake the ...

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