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You can use PowerShell for this, something along those lines: $endpoint = 'http://endpoint.svc?wsdl' $namespace = 'MyNamespace.Other' $generatedClassPath = 'C:...MyClass.cs' $librairiesDirectory = 'C:path-to-dlls' $svcUtilArgs = @( "/t:code" "$endpoint" "/n:`"*,$namespace`"" "/out:`"$generatedClassPath`"" ...


Most likely you used /messageContract switch in svcutil. If you added service via service reference, then right click on service->configure service reference and uncheck Always generate message contracts


Don't worry about that warning, the WSDL section is not relevant (you can even remove it). What you should have is a sample working SOAP request from a wroking client (e.g. Java) or from a sample of the vendor, with the security in it. Then you can configure your binding to support it. Just from the WSDL section you published you might want to try ...

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