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According to the accepted answer on the S.O question, "Git - When to Delete Branches": You can safely remove a branch with git branch -d yourbranch. If it contains unmerged changes (ie, you would lose commits by deleting the branch), git will tell you and won't delete it. However, another author does go on to state: the disadvantage of deleting ...


Branches in Git (generally speaking) don't matter after they have been merged. They are only useful if they point to unique commits not reachable via any other means. Git even provides git branch --merged which is documented as --merged is used to find all branches which can be safely deleted, since those branches are fully contained by HEAD.


Read about SVN-externals in SVN Book and understand topic In your current tree you'll have to covert into 3 separate externals three dirs (Class General 1, Class General 2,Class General 3), which you'll add into all subsequent projects In you'll refactor tree and collect Class General** under common directory (smth. like /Core/Class General**) you can to ...

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