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As mentioned, Git does not support file locking. But I know of at least two distributed systems that do: Veracity, and Mercurial (if you install the lock extension). I'm not sure whether Veracity is still under active development, and it doesn't looks there is a good hosting site for it anymore. Mercurial, on the other hand, is very active, has a large ...


If your repo is accessible from "outside" (whatever private means in your eyes) you can go on commandline and type: svn info <yourFile> this will show you the full link to the file. On Windows you have probably tortoiseSVN. Here you just go with rightclick on the file, now properties and go to the tab subversion. Here is the link to the file.


The Subversion locking feature that you mention is implemented on the server: Firstly you need to ensure that your Subversion server is upgraded to at least version 1.2. Earlier versions do not support locking at all. GitHub supports Subversion clients: GitHub repositories can be accessed from both Git and Subversion (SVN) clients. No mention is ...

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