Apache Subversion

Apache Subversion (SVN) is a centralized version control system, available as free software under the .

When Subversion was first conceived in 2000, the design goal was to fix CVS. It is now the most popular . Since 2009, Subversion has been an Apache project.

Subversion can be used from the command line, but also has GUI clients for Windows, Linux and OS X. A popular client, which integrates into Windows-Explorer, is TortoiseSVN. A list of SVN clients with comparison can be found here.


The Subversion book is an excellent reference source, cite it in your SVN answers! Please use links to the latest stable release of the book (not to the nightly builds to avoid broken links).

Frequently-asked questions

If you are new to Apache Subversion or in general please take some time to read the SVNBook. The must-read articles are:

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