SVNBridge is an extension for Microsoft's Team Foundation Server that allows the use of a Subversion client (e.g. TortoiseSVN) with TFS. SVNBridge is available free under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

Svnbridge is a open source project hosted on the Microsoft Codeplex project site. Support for accessing Codeplex via subversion has been described by CodePlex as 'our number one requested feature' [1]. SVNBridge allows developers to participate in CodePlex projects while still using Subversion based tools they are familiar with.[2]

The SVNBridge project provides two related SVNBridge products with differing modes of operation:

Either running as a client daemon (systray item) on Windows systems allowing Subversion applications on the client to access TFS revision control items on a remote TFS server. Or as a IIS web application on the TFS server itself; thus enabling Subversion clients to connect directly to the TFS server using the Subversion http protocols, and without requiring additional software on the client. In this latter mode it provided a interoperability solution for Mac OS X/Unix/Linux based Subversion tools

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