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You may find scriptl useful: http://quickdocs.org/scriptl/. However, it depends on iolib, which depends on some nonstandard C or C++ library, so building it is not quite straighforward. It is indeed possible to communicate with a swank server if you familiarize yourself with the swank protocol, which seems to be underdocumented (see e. g. here: ...


You may want to try cl-daemonize. From the description, "A tool to daemonize a Lisp process without the need for screen/detachtty".


It certainly is operating system specific, because you want some inter-process communication, and they are provided by the OS. Let's assume you have a POSIX like OS, e.g. Linux. Then you could set up a socket(7) or fifo(7) to which you send s-exprs to be evaluated. Of course you need to adapt the Common Lisp program to add such a REPL. SBCL has some ...

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