Sybase, a subsidiary of SAP, produces a variety of data management products. For their flagship RDBMS, Adaptive Server Enterprise, please use [sybase-ase]. For Adaptive Server Anywhere versions 6-9, use [sybase-asa]. For ASA v10 and above, use [sqlanywhere].

Sybase, now a subsidiary of SAP, was the first company to put a client/server relational database on the market.

Early versions of Microsoft SQL Server were based on Adaptive Server Enterprise, Sybase's flagship RDBMS.

Other popular Sybase products include:

  • IQ for data warehouse and big data applications
  • Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA), an RDBMS for mobile and lightweight deployments
  • Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) for developing mobile, data driven applications
  • Afaria for enterprise mobile device management
  • Replication Server for database replication

SAP has fully integrated the Sybase products into it's current offerings, and has dropped the Sybase name on all new product releases.

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