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Remember, ascii is what we used in the 1970's. You want the Unicode codepoint, not the ascii code. If you don't understand the difference then stop everything you are doing and read this before you write any more code: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/Unicode.html The Mars symbol is the Unicode codepoint u2642, so in C# that would be string mars = ...


When you have obtained the symbol in some way, just paste it into your source code: string m = "♂"; The symbol a little different that this: ♂. The circle is smaller and the arrow is bigger Although it's not impossible that there are 2 variations of a symbol in the Unicode space, the difference in appearance is probably due to different Fonts. ...


use the regex [^@\s]*@.* [^@\s]* looks for zero or more chars that are not a '@' or whitespace @ looks for one '@' \s* looks for zero or more chars that are not whitespace so the line of code would be: line = line.replaceAll("[^@\\s]*@\\s*","");


So, this is a classical declaration vs definition issue - you have defined the variable mainDispatcher in the header and thus every compilation unit that includes this header winds up with a definition, where what you want is to declare the variable in the header as extern (this will only inform every compilation unit that includes the header that such ...

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