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I recently encountered the same problem and after some search I found that this problem is caused by the difference between <tab> and TAB. The Emacs wiki has a page describes the difference: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/TabKey . In my python.el, the python-shell-completion-complete-or-indent is bind to <tab> which works fine for GUI but not ...


In fact -eq and -a are not part of fish syntax. They are ordinary arguments! if [ (count $cmd) -eq 1 -a $cmd[1] = 'git' ] The opening square bracket here is actually a command, like cat or grep. You really do have a file /bin/[. It may be easier to understand via the test command, which is the same thing: if test (count $cmd) -eq 1 -a $cmd[1] = 'git' ...


From the Fish documentation : NUM1 -eq NUM2 returns true if NUM1 and NUM2 are numerically equal. COND1 -a COND2 returns true if both COND1 and COND2 are true. It tests that (count $cmd) = 1 and that $cmd[1] = 'git'. (= here being equality, not an assignment).


The -eq is an integer comparison function. The -a is a logical and. So the logical equivalent would be something like: if [ (count $cmd) == 1 && $cmd[1] = 'git' ] (in Java pseudo-syntax). Background The reason why -eq is used is because a shell normally works with text processing only. As a result numbers are stored in "strings". Sometimes two ...

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