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It turns out that Tarantino is looking for an "ExistingSchema" subdirectory instead of a "Create" subdirectory. I believe the documentation is just out of date. When performing the Create action, scripts in the ExistingSchema directory are executed, followed by scripts in the Update directory. An Update action only executes scripts in the Update ...


That would be a bug in Tarantino aparently. If you look into DropConnections.sql you'll see that the author has fallen for the old myth that any session above 50 is an user session. The correct way to identify user sessions (and thus KILL-able sessions) is to check the is_user_process column in sys.dm_exec_sessions.


you should install this patch


Migrator.net is the tool I use with SQL 2008. It also has nant script capability. I suggest using the trunk version, rather than the 0.7 release as it's had some good, as yet unreleased changes. This roundup has other options. And there are few other similar questions here.


There are quite a few really good tools - some require adoption of a database change management process (like DBGhost), while others are less restrictive, but require more work (and efforts) on your side, e.g. Red-Gate's SQL Packager, which allows you to package your database creation and change scripts into .NET projects and/or stand-alone EXE files.

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