Telligent are an enterprise collaboration and community software company based in Dallas Texas. The key products suites offered are: Telligent Community, Telligent Enterprise and Telligent Analytics. Telligent Community & Telligent Enterprise provide social networking and collaboration functionality such as; blogs, forums, wikis, media galleries and user profiles. Telligent Analytics provides reporting and analysis to give insights into community sites.

Telligent Community & Telligent Enterprise share the same base platform: Telligent Evolution which provides a significant amount of collaboration and social networking tools such as: Blogs, Wikis, Forums, Media Galleries, Groups, User Profiles, Activity Streams, Bookmarks, Friends / Following, private messaging and search.

A number of high-profile websites use the Telligent Evolution for their communities platform like Dell, Microsoft, APAN.

Telligent's products are built using the ASP.NET and SQL Server platforms and require Windows servers to run on.

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