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I have a project for a terminal emulator that runs on the browser. I with it, I created a terminal server example using WebSockets, that connects to CMD.exe and Powershell sessions. So probably SSH may be done in a similar way... UPDATE: I just found that there is an actual project that looks very good for what you are asking for: ...


You can use PUTTY to connect to your nodes based on their IPs (If they have IP, same as MIC acrchitecture). Also you con use puttygen.exe to make a password-less connection. Here you can find a good guide: http://www.servermom.org/passwordless-ssh-login/1608/


Here's what I do; it works 100% of the time: from py3270 import * import sys, os host = "%s" % sys.argv[1].upper() try: e = Emulator() e.connect(host) e.wait_for_field() except WaitError: print "py3270.connect(%s) failed" % (host) sys.exit(1) print "--- connection made to %s ---" % (host)` If you haven't got a network connection to ...

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