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In your example you test for if (create_new) The variable "create_new" is never set and would therefore test false using groovy truth logic, thus never executing the if statement. The if statement never adds anything to the "eventDates" property of Appointments, this would also mean that the assertion would fail. I'm thinking your example is incomplete ...


It seems to me that instrumentation testing is integration testing with the ability to control the life cycle and the events (onStart, onCreate etc) of the app. Unit testing, as i understand it, is testing a Unit (eg Class) for its data and behavior. For example, say you have a game: this game runs on an activity (main activity) and you have a ...


Yes, you will get NullPointerException in the assert condition. The reason being that, you are creating instance of EventDate in the extendDates method but you are not really adding it to the eventDates list in Appointments domain. So, you have to modify your that method something like: // Initialize with empty array to avoid NPE List<EventDate> ...


Try elementor. It is not a recorder, but it will help you find locators for your tests.

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