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To add to @Eswar's answer, if you're using Cucumber (or one of it's siblings), one option would be to execute the test runner manually and include prompts for the tester to check certain aspects. They then pass/fail the test according to their judgement. This is often useful for aesthetic aspects e.g. cross-browser rendering, element alignment, correct ...


In rails 4 versions, the test folders are changed from the previous versions as follows: test/unit/ => test/models/ test/functional/ => test/controllers


This is not a very unusual case. Even in Agile it may not be possible to automate every scenario. The scrum teams I am working with usually tag them as @manual scenario in the feature file. We have configured our automation suite (Cucumber - Ruby) to ignore these tags while running nightly jobs. One problem with this is, as you have mentioned, we won't know ...

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