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The issue caused by the format of the System_CreatedDate which is "dd/MM/yyyy" and not supported as the date type in the report but instead of string type. You need to convert this field to the string format "MM/dd/yyyy" and then using the CDate() function to change it the Date type (because the format "dd/MM/yyyy" which is not support to use directly in the ...


To show the diffs for a single commit, do git show $thatcommit To show the diffs from one commit to any other commit, do git diff $theonecommit $theothercommit To show the individual diffs for each of a set of commits, do e.g. git log -c -p master..topic # to get all the unmerged topic commits


Yes, this is possible. Create your category group and then right click on it in the chart data viewer. Select category properties. In the General tab, change the function for the Group Expression to something like this: iif(Date.Value > DateAdd("m", -1, now()), "Within Previous Month", iif(Date.Value > DateAdd("m", -3, now()), "1-3 Months Old", "3+ ...

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