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If you are not getting any other exceptions on the server side but still getting a 404 error, then the problem is with the url. http://localhost:8080/uploadDemo/demo/hello Your url looks wrong and it should be: http://localhost:8080/UploadDemo/demo/hello I guess your war name deployed in your container will be "UploadDemo" (by looking at your folder ...


Resources in /WEB-INF are not publicly accessible. You need to put publicly accessible resources outside /WEB-INF. The /WEB-INF should only be used for configuration files, template files, include files, tag files, etc which are supposed to not be publicly accessible at all. Once you've moved it into the parent folder of /WEB-INF like so, WebContent |-- ...


I changed my code from: Log log = LogFactory.getLog(getClass()); log.info("Test log"); to Logger logger = null; logger = Logger.getRootLogger(); logger.info("TEST"); The log4j configuration was fine, I changed the behavior of application in order to use directly log4j classes and now the log appears correctly. Thanks

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