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just converting the string with leading '000' to an integer or float or whatever else in python works fine for me.


Just make sure some other character appears before: sed -r 's/([^\s])\s+$/\1/' file This checks if a non-space character (\s) appears followed by any amount of spaces. If so, just print this non-space character back, so that the trailing spaces are removed. Test Using cat -vet to see the markers: $ cat -vet a hello $ $ bye $ $ sed -r ...


a more compact way: String pathExample = "/test/dir1/dir2/"; String trimmedSlash = pathExample.replaceAll("^/|/$",""); regexp ^/ replaces the first, /$ replaces the last


If you don't want your numbers to be rounded (just ignore the last decimals), use the TRUNCATE function: TRUNCATE(1.23456, 4) --yields 1.2345 If you want your number to be rounded, use the ROUND function: ROUND(1.23456, 4) --yields 1.2346

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