Traitsui is a data-driven framework developed by Enthought for building user interfaces on top of traits in python. The details of layout and organization are mostly abstracted from the programmer, although an API is exposed to manage some of the details.

In traitsui, statically typed classes (using traits) can automatically generate interactive interfaces for manipulation. Object oriented principles generally apply -- by specifying a Manager(HasTraits) class with traits such as salary=Int and job_title=String, traitsui can automatically generate a window to edit these attributes.

Because of the great difficulty with making traitsui windows of any complexity look the way they are envisioned, Enthought is additionally developing enaml (Enaml is Not A Markup Language), a python framework for constraint-based GUI definition. Enthought generally offers more support for enaml-based applications, though it is still in development.

See the traitsui user manual for more: http://docs.enthought.com/traitsui/traitsui_user_manual/index.html

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