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There are two solutions: SUID SSH as root The first one is hard to get right without exposing your computer to security risks. The second solution uses ssh root@computer-1 /path/to/recordVideo to log in as root and run the script as root.


Turns out the error had to do with the dnsserver in resolv.conf, per my comments above. I am not sure if changing it to a custom DNS server like google or safeDNS is a bad thing, but I did it, and it's working now as intended. It seems there is an issue with routing in the resolvconf program, discovered here, where a guy did a similar thing to me to ...


You may be able to achieve what you want using one of the following depending on how you are actually requesting your application: If you want to map http://nick:8080 to you can try adding this in your xampp apache config : ProxyRemote * If you are using a subdirectory on eg http://nick:8080/mobile ...


tsocks can be used to SOCKS-enable anything. :P Looking at the source code of Network.Browser, there doesn't appear to be a "tunable" that would allow it to make connections through a SOCKS proxy. It can do an HTTP proxy, but I suspose that doesn't help much. While it is not quite as friendly as Network.Browser, I'd suggest switching to http-client. It ...

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