TurboGears 2.x is a "best-of-breed" next generation full stack rapid development web framework written in Python.

It uses the currently subjectively "best of its breed" components such as Genshi/Kid (Templating), SQLAlchemy (Database ORM), Pylon (WSGI Stack) and repoze (Auth) and unites them with as little "glue code" as possible for a quick start off.

In short as found in a comment in the sources: TG2 : Pylons = Ubuntu : Debian.

It is similar in spirit to frameworks like Django, TG1 and Rails but aims to remove some of their frustrating limitations (handicapped ORMs that only speak with a very limited number of database systems and lack support for advanced DBM features like Stored Procs, Views, etc., unnatural templating, NIH syndrome and many more)

Source: TG Website, Docs @ http://turbogears.org/2.1/docs/

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