Twemproxy (nutcracker) is a fast, light-weight proxy for memcached and redis built by Twitter.

also known as nutcracker, is a fast and lightweight proxy for memcached and redis protocol. It was primarily built to reduce the connection count on the backend caching servers.

It was open-sourced by Twitter, under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


  • Fast
  • Lightweight
  • Maintains persistent server connections
  • Keeps connection count on the backend caching servers low
  • Enables pipelining of requests and responses
  • Supports proxying to multiple servers
  • Supports multiple server pools simultaneously
  • Shard data automatically across multiple servers
  • Implements the complete memcached ascii and redis protocol
  • Easy configuration of server pools through a YAML file
  • Supports multiple hashing modes including consistent hashing and distribution
  • Can be configured to disable nodes on failures
  • Observability through stats exposed on stats monitoring port
  • Works with Linux, *BSD, OS X and Solaris (SmartOS)


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