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You are looking for Dependent types. Idris, Agda and Coq are well known in this category.


That means that Option[Nothing] is a subtype of Option[Int] (because of covariance), right? Correct. Option[Nothing] is an Option[Int]. But with B >: A we said that B has to be a supertype?! So how can we get an Int back? It doesn't have to be a super-type. It just requires A as a lower-bound. Which means you can still pass Int to getOrElse if A ...


It's actually not as complicated as you think. List is a sealed abstract class with exactly two implementations, Nil and :: (yes that is the name of the class). The important part here is the sealed modifier. This simply enforces that any class that implements List must be in the same source file as List itself. The importance of sealed is that now the ...


You can actually mostly define that in Haskell because it's basically an Int plus some semantics. For example, you have to decide what you're going to do with subtractions that go beneath the threshold, like what (-) 6 7 gives. (A common convention with Peano arithmetic is to give 0 -- so in this case it would return 6, the least value of the system.) You ...

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