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Try installing it this way: Download this opencv_install.sh script. Make the script executable by running the following command in your command line. chmod +x open_install.sh You must be in the directory where this script is downloaded. Run the script. ./opencv_install.sh This will install opencv


It seems like you do not have full sudo access, because of which some commands are failing with Ansible. Can you try running the below commands with sudo and see if you can successfully execute it on your remote host ? /bin/sh echo /usr/bin/python rm If any of that doesn't works then you should add that command to your sudoers file.


What you need to do is not trivial and you'll have to invest some effort. First of all you need to create a bridge between the two VMs and have each VM with a tap interface on that bridge. I have a script below you can look at as an example - it creates some screen sessions (you will need a basic .screenrc) and I launch a VM in each screen tab. Really the ...


You can use: String user = System.getProperty("user.name"); To check if the user name is 'root' and proceed or tell him/her to log in as root and relaunch the application*. Also you can launch a process from java: Process proc = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("./something.sh"); Doing in that script that copies that file to desired path and with the ...

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