UICollectionViewCell is a class from UIKit framework in iOS. A UICollectionViewCell object presents the content for a single data item when that item is within the collection view’s visible bounds. Available in iOS 6.0 and later which is inherited from `NSObject->UIResponder->UIView->UICollectionReusableView->UICollectionViewCell`

Cells present the main content of a collection view. The job of a cell is to present the content for a single item from the data source object. Each cell must be an instance of the UICollectionViewCell class, which you may subclass as needed to present your content. Cell objects provide inherent support for managing their own selection and highlight state, although some custom code must be written to actually apply a highlight to a cell. A UICollectionViewCell object is a specific type of reusable view that might be used for main data items.

To configure the appearance of your cell, add the views needed to present the data item’s content as subviews to the view in the contentView property.



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