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Using UITableView only we can reload the data!,So we have to use table view custom cell textfield or Label. Now we can able to reload our custom textfield data.


From Apple documentation on UIPopoverController: When initializing an instance of this class, you must specify the view controller that provides the content for the popover. UIPopoverController doesn't have any content of it's own, it needs another UIViewController that renders the stuff you actually want to present. Any subclass of UIViewController ...


Move your dismissViewControllerAnimated(true, completion: nil) call into the delegate at the end of the clickedRowAtIndex method. In other words, the presenting view controller should call the dismissing, not the presented view controller. Try this: extension WelcomeViewController: PopupViewControllerDelegate { func rowClickedAtIndex(index: Int) { ...


- performSegueWithIdentifier:sender: is a method on UIViewController, not UITableViewCell. To detect a tap on a particular cell, you're best to use the UITableViewDelegate to be notified on - tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath: and then perform the segue from within your controller. Inside your implementation you can just inspect the cell that is selected to ...

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