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You shouldn't use variable names that start with upper case letters as in: @IBOutlet var MyTableView: UITableView! That is bad practice, and can lead to confusing code Your instantiation of the MyTableView class is simply calling the default constructor on it, which in this case does not instantiate the MyTableView property within that class. You must ...


Looks like your self.clientsmessage doesn't instantiate correctly, please check the part. OR if self.clientsmessage != nil { self.clientsmessage.text = "You have \(self.clientList.count) client" }


Instead of a segue, just do this the old-fashioned way (from before there were storyboards and segues): set the button's action–target pair (in code, when you load) so that when the button is tapped, your action handler is called. In the action handler, do whatever the segue would do, i.e. instantiate the view controller from the storyboard and push or ...

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